prototype No.5

06.17.2017 โ€“ 11.25.2017

The visual is a mix of something ancient from the past with a futuristic unknown. An intrinsic voyage of the mind, acting beside time. The body of the sculpture abstracts space, creating new places never before seen. The speculation of spirit is felt, only to be left wondering if it is real. Perhaps it could be, just a secure place for souls to rest momentarily, as they pass through eternity. It’s difficult to walk away from without leaving behind some resonance to be felt. I want to revise the equation after more thought to 1 + 0 + 1 = 2 or the most.

Trying to use available resources, the video above is more conceptual than complete. Visually, raw and extreme.  The sound is tribal and made for a savage, audience. It makes me feel like I am trapped, in a complex rhythm of someone else’s dream. The beat is composed, in a made up trinaural form, where different tones are being used, overlap each other creating triangles.  It helps, to produce a 3-dimensional sound effect. Not actually recorded, but heard. It is an illusion of unidentified space. The vibrations are a blend of background noise using the Solfeggio scale.  These tones are considered to be sacred with healing qualities. Each part is then separated by a golden mean fractal transition, in a grouped sequence of 174 Hz, 417 Hz, 741 Hz on to 285 Hz, 528 Hz, 852 Hz, finally 396 Hz, then 639 Hz, and ending with 963 Hz from the poster concept below. When listening, it almost seems like there is a collaboration between Nature and machine happening, with an awkward result. Primordial, untrained and intense that the same shape can produce so many visuals just by the movement of the camera, every second a new still is created. I am not sure if the outcome of the video, would be something that I would make, normally. It just sort of, came to be this way.  I also, can’t help to wonder that if the conclusion is being influenced more by the tools and technology.

Now the 5th prototype in a series of Transformable sculptures. The shape is an evolution of a multi-dimensional space from the PAST EXHIBITION arch<scul. The project is still in its infancy and could be years before a final piece is complete.

The model is more sculpture-like than a livable architectural scene. The ideas began as a mixed-use Gallery + Office/Studio and residence. Envisioning a Gallery as the red block, Studio blue block, Office yellow block, Loft green block, and Observation Room purple circular block with the background territory Orange, to represent an unknown dialogue that has yet to take place. Most thoughts are transient as the parts move across the wall learning to be still, while each component interacts with the other. The environment is boxy now but is becoming more refined and streamlined with each edge produced. Its tin pieces are cut separately and connected, together with rivets.

After viewing, it is as if the straight lines begin to form curves with each configuration. It is also interesting that the performance of colors themselves seems to cause movement, as they blend between one and the other. The pieces are hidden within their mixture unseen or heard, a reflection of sound. I am automatically drawn, to the exterior of the space. Many will walk away without even considering what the interior of the design could be. Only the imagination of what might be allowed. It is an attempt now to further redefined relationships. It is not safe for a child to play.

Made from an old scrap metal cabinet. The construction is out of shelves and a cabinet door. The exterior has been painted, with spray enamel using both the primary and secondary colors. The shapes were cut with hand snips and pieced together by rivets. Each container is held together with 25 lbs magnets, 9 in total some broken during construction but continue to be usable. Width 62″ X Height 18″ and Length 16″ from the wall.  The weight is approximately 30 lbs.