07.13.2016 – 10.12.2016

A collection of landscape photographs, taken while hiking through the parks of Missouri. It was not until recently that I seriously began to realize the differences between natural and artificial spaces. This work is shown in black-and-white, with an older film style camera and in color, using a newer digital camera. I have intertwined each visual with racing stripes, in an attempt to help bridge the gap between these extreme points of reference. As our bleeding edge lifestyles continue at an unprecedented pace, it is crucial to notice the impact humans still have on Nature. My intention is that you retrain yourself to walk cautiously, with a better appreciation of the slowness, to make a path for your thoughts in a direction that is less destructive and more sustainable.

Any images or text used in the AUTO NATURE EXHIBITION are not an endorsement of the parks in Missouri and was not involved with or did not collaborate with the making of this artwork.

Closing Statement

Published: Wednesday, 12 October 2016 16:01  Last revision 08.01.2017

How to paint the lines? The intense relationship between the subject matter of Nature and machine is, difficult for most people to comprehend. Creating a chance to compare the differences among perfection and chaos has been overwhelming. This EXHIBITION helped me to gain more clarity, in a still uncharted territory for many. I wanted to keep the writing relaxed and photographs conceptual. I feel the images are now in the early stages of development and could take a lifetime to get the right shots. Originally, the installation was supposed to concentrate on the nurturing aspects of Nature and how the organic machine interacts with it. Specifically, the transitional parts from the very beginning of Nature up to the current effects that ourselves and machines are having and continue to have on civilization as a whole. I am not sure if this goal is attainable with my limited maintenance. However, the further I worked with this notion the more ideas there were to consider.

It seems nowadays we’re forced to live in constant state of conflict with our surroundings. Trying to decide over internal and external forces as if there is no real resolution. The mental, arguments for the fight to survive in an unwinnable environment. Choosing one over the other and having to witness this contest that exists between Nature or machine can be tortuous. When what one, really needs is a combination of both for any judgment of equilibrium.

Humankind doesn’t seem to be compatible with Nature at times, as it almost rejects the continued mechanization of society in culture and its cities. Is it the light that gives us energy or possibly the darkness of not knowing, in our hurry to discover the latest answer? Having the skill to interpret the cycle of Nature is why I desperately seem to be searching. In looking there is a sort of beautiful cruelty that exists, a real misunderstanding within species. Trying to be able to figure out how it functions and make sense of it all, so the direction I grow is at the very least manageable is my purpose. I believe, this to be the journey or adventure we all go through as we each find our own, innate ability to explore new places.

It is important not to forget about the past and Nature as the source of this past. There seems to be a profound meaning to things when thought of as they once were. The place where we came from, the Ancient and Native Earth. Even when, the future path is so unnatural and crowded, with a continuously fast living flow of artificiality.