10.28.2016 – 02.18.2017

Unfinished idea of a sculpture I have been working on, that represents a Gallery + Office/Studio mixed-use residential and building concept.  It is a new American Dream of transformable and movable architecture.  A true multi-dimensional space with what seems to be an infinite number of livable situations and possibilities.  This EXHIBITION is an attempt to construct the evolution of expression, through the use of many different configurations and colors.

The thought of viewing architecture as sculpture or sculpture as architecture is something I’ve imagined for some time.  I hope that you enjoy the show.  To explore just click on the title of your favorite image for more features and visuals.

archscul logo

Closing Statement

Published: Saturday, 18 February 2017 16:21  Last revision 08.02.2017

The most important thought I hoped to get across with the EXHIBITION was the idea of viewing architecture as sculpture or sculpture as architecture, rather than thinking of each as a job description. It was a relief to discover these disciplines’ similarities after exposing the differences between them for so many years, a full-circle kind of process.

The arch>scul logo is an experimentation in animating a logo, as well as creating an interdimensional space or 4th dimension within an identity. It is also, a shape that I have used many times throughout my work as the rooftops of 3-dimensional buildings. Pairing the two words together as if each were fighting for its, own greatness just made sense. Allowing them, to both take on a win-win approach with space to produce a greater result and outcome made, even more, sense.

Choosing the medium of posters to present the shape can be traced back to some of my earliest childhood memories, it was the first kind of artwork I bought and hung on the wall. They are also inexpensive and affordable for the Customer. I find it interesting that with this shape, each piece can be turned and hung, to make another visual entirely. This development continues to be, a theme, that is also conveyed throughout my work with shapes. In that, the art is able, to work on a multi-perspective level for the viewer. Each person finds their own hidden, or undiscovered image that most do not see right away creating more value.

After struggling for many months, I still believe that the idea is not, truly, original. The shape is for me more a gathering of thoughts from all the others I have been exposed to, up until this time. The observer is able, to see my interpretations and expressions of a new American Dream if I were the one to build it. The idea that one residence can become many is the solution to the problem of modernity of always wanting more. I can now travel, within the space itself and redefine the trends to meet my needs.

The mutations of the artwork, from the original concept to the next, this interconnectivity produces stronger thoughts. Trying to comprehend and understand how to explain the space becomes the existence. A hypercube box, within an outer box, within a larger box, within even another shape, and so on. To then, have the ability, to reconfigure, the spaces in a completely different, way that produce creative boundaries, one that is more flexible and fluid, for growth. I am identifying it as a transient shape. A bent space with nurturing center points of reminders. A place where bodies meet to discuss finding an equal, center for the possibility to imagine an infinite number of edges. The closest thing to a Virtual Utopia I can find. Over time and through experience will I only be able to understand the intricacies of its detail. Imagining one day an opportunity to develop even more wisdom by actually living in it could make exhibiting, working, creating, and being domesticated a continuously fun and entertaining reality.

For you to put the pieces together, I continue to develop ideas around the concept, and more of the progression can be seen by clicking on the Special Section above.