prototype No.6

June – Sept

Now the 3rd video installation makes it the trilogy of each new prototype constructed using a golden mean camera shot, this time pushing boundaries of videography, sculpture, and reflection.  Silent without sound the visuals take you through a space in which nature and architecture blend continuously, questioning itself for its, own existence.

arch<scul loop III, 2018

The diffuse reflections and scattering of visuals cause the light to react with whatever it encounters.  It is just awesome, and so much fun to move into different configurations each movement making a whole new work of art.  You can readjust the sculpture to any shape you like. 

The 6th prototype in a series for the arch>scul name.  It is kept in the same manner as No.4 and No.5 with the evolution being done using reflective materials causing a mix of images that move between clear and distorted.  The size is a bit larger 62″ x 20″ and the material is made of birch wood and metal.  Plus stronger magnets.  

The sculpture was selected for a group show featuring new artworks by 35 St. Louis regional artists from Missouri and Illinois.  All the details are on the poster below, if you need further information please just click through the poster to be redirected to the organization’s site.

Android Dreaming, 2018

Digital video still of an image from arch<scul loop III using the quad mirror filter at approximately 01:15.  The filter takes the image and replicates it into 4 mirrored images each positioned at a different angle that is then seamlessly meshed together to form one image.  The Sculpture was placed in a backyard on top of the grass and the reflection of oak trees can be seen above.  The visual is mesmerizing and full of images unknown.